BAAN DOI – Home and Healing Center for Children

Our Vision
a better quality of life
for orphans and
families in need


we are here

How a vision became reality

initial situation

Here in this area in northern Thailand there are many ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees from the neighbouring countries Myanmar and Laos. Access to health services and education, as well as the right to work and own land are often restricted or don’t even exist. This results is a picture of desolation, and a life lived under miserable conditions without an opportunity to break free from poverty.

A compelling idea

In 2007 Barbara Meisl from Austria, and Graziella Ramponi Najai from Switzerland came to Thailand for the first time. There they met a 6-year-old orphaned boy, who was ill, had no family, and was without social institutions or a home to care for him.


That is how the idea of BAAN DOI was born. It was implemented in 2009, when Barbara bought a piece of land and started to build the first houses with her private capital and the help of family and friends.
From the beginning, Barbara and Graziella had the support of their Thai teacher, Saowaluk Junvong, who helped founding a board and registered BAAN DOI as a Thai Foundation.


BAAN DOI has been registered as a Thai foundation since 2001 (registration number CR 2554/135) and since 2016 additionally as a foster home (registration number 2/2559).

Our Children say:

“I dream of becoming a chef with my own restaurant.”


“BAAN DOI enables me to get a good school education. I will give my very best.”


“BAAN DOI is my new big family where everybody is very caring.”


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The Initiators of BAAN DOI

Barbara Meisl
Founder and Director of BAAN DOI

Saowaluk Junwong

Co-founder, Assistant Director and Child Protection Officer


Graziella Ramponi Najai

Chairwoman BAAN DOI Switzerland

We are a multicultural team with the common goal of contributing to improving the quality of life of children based on the rights of children. Many skills and abilities have been united to enable us to achieve our goals and develop BAAN DOI even further.

Baan Doi – Home and Healing Center for Children

294 M. 4, Pong Pha, Mae Sai
Chiang Rai 57130