Our Team

We are working together

What started with three people and a lot of support from volunteers and friends, is today a social welfare institution with an effective team. Employees from different cultural background with different skills work together on the realization of BAAN DOI’s vision.

Our team work is characterized by respect and readiness to help each other. Wether it is with daily tasks, with preparing and organizing events, trainings, or holiday activities, the work is always shared. During regularly meetings we discuss duties, share information, and solve problems.

Well prepared for the future:

Our Team

Barbara Meisl
Founder and Director

From Salzburg, Austria

Saowaluk Junwong
Co-founder, Assistant Director, Child Protection Officer

From Mae Sai, former teacher, since 2016 employed

Charintra Namsang

called Hong, since 2018

Archa Choemue
Outreach Child Support Program

since 2018

Pornthip Chaolisaen

called Lin, since 2018

Malevan Pachong
Finance Officer

called Fon, since 2013

Pailin Luangthanan
Child Caretaker

since 2018

Yasong Chaphoe
Child Caretaker

since 2019

Uraiwan Pradapphet
Child Caretaker

called Rai, since 2020

Doungdee Boontha
Child Caretaker

called Tom, since 2020

Suppatra Piyarak

 Pa Tu (“Aunt Tu”), from the beginning

Saeng Namthai
House and Garden

called Khuen, since 2018

Anan Piyarak
Maintenance water system and garden

long-serving for BAAN DOI

Mimee Ayi

Mimee was a child in the orphanage

Einan Rongkham
House and Garden

called Nuan since 2013

Wattana Piyarak
Agriculture Project Coordinator

called Dam since 2019

Baan Doi – Home and Healing Center for Children

294 M. 4, Pong Pha, Mae Sai
Chiang Rai 57130