BAAN DOI Programs

Outreach Child Support Program

The BAAN DOI Outreach Child Support Program enables orphans and half-orphans who come from very poor back­grounds to stay with their relatives while being well cared for and receiving education and medical care. The program supports the families with

  • Financial support for education
  • Medical and nutrition expenses
  • Activities and trainings under the program
  • Guidance and consultation

Child Protection and Development Program

The Program has grown out of our Networking and Cooperation with the communities with the main target of the prevention of HIV new infections and unwanted teenage pregnancies. BAAN DOI provides trainings about Sexual Education and Online Safety by applying a peer to peer approach especially designed for teenagers.


For BAAN DOI networking with other NGOs and governmental institutions working in the same field is essential. Not only is there an exchange of new and proven methods, but of opportunities and possibilities. Governmental recognition and support are also being advanced.

Baan Doi – Home and Healing Center for Children

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