BAAN DOI Programs

Outreach Child Support Program

The Outreach Child Support Program has been an important part of BAAN DOI’s work since the very beginning. The program runs complementary to our BAAN DOI home.

The focus of the program is, despite all the hardships the families are facing, to encourage them to care for their children by themselves and assist them to conquer the challenges of parenting and raising children.

Our support system is based on 4 pillars, with a special aim to create sustainable development.

1. Health

The families learn how to provide an environment that allows for the healthy development of their children.

2. Education

The families learn how to set and follow educational targets together with their children.

3. Legal Registration

The families gain knowledge about their rights and how they can claim them.

4. Income generating activities and trainings

the families have the chance to develop additional life skills for activities which will help them to save funds and earn additional income.

For BAAN DOI networking with other NGOs and governmental institutions working in the same field is essential. Not only is there an exchange of new and proven methods, but of opportunities and possibilities. Governmental recognition and support are also being advanced.

Baan Doi – Home and Healing Center for Children

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